Stamford Seed Savers Community Group Update

Next meeting of the Stamford Seed Savers will be June 13th 5:30pm at the Stamford Community Library – please join the conversation if you have any interest in gardening or saving seeds!

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Recap From Seed Savers Table at SCC Tag Sale June 3, 2017
Helen and Stephen worked at the church event from 9am to 1pm at the Stamford Seed Savers table. It was rather windy and cool, so the table neighbor set us up with a sheet to block the wind, making it a very enjoyable experience.

We brought 50 plants and a few bags of compost to give away. People were happy to receive black cherry tomato, green cabbage and (reluctantly) kale plants, and donations were received ($42 minus $10 for the table). No one wanted a bag of compost today.

Stephen set up his looping slideshow of Open Pollination, and Helen taught several children and a few adults about the worm bin composting. Joseph Tracy donated some red wigglers and compost, and we used a magnifying glass to find the red wiggler eggs. One three-year-old visitor would not leave the worms, and counted them several times, held them in her hands and had several conversations with them while others looked on in either amazement or disgust. A boy terrorized his sister with a worm, but she recovered. Several teens were interested in learning about our work and we exchanged gardening and farming tips with neighbors of all ages.

We also had the soil test kit there, and invited people to join us for soil testing lessons at the next meeting, and to get onto the mailing list for future meetings, and for volunteering.

There were some excellent contacts: one person would like to attend meetings and donate organic sheep compost; another from Pownal wants to donate garlic seed in the fall, from her 5th generation garlic garden. The neighbor next to us called her husband halfway through the event, and he is getting rid of his raised beds and will donate pre-made raised beds, and possibly deliver them!

There was much positive response from the public, and the church pastor and others came over to welcome us and to thank us for participating. The fried dough was delicious, as always. A good time was had by all, and we added a total of 13 names to our contact list, so that they can be informed of future meetings and workshops.

Respectfully submitted, Helen Fields