The Governor Meets SVBC

Vermont’s Governor Philip Scott arrived in Readsboro to announce several new initiatives – one was the Southern Vermont Broadband Cooperative’s expansion into West Readsboro spearheaded by SVBC’s President Bob Briggs.

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3 thoughts on “The Governor Meets SVBC”

  1. Interesting that Fairpoint and SVBC are both involved. I’m curious how this is going to develop. And, lord, whoever wrote that article needs a proofreader!

  2. This is good news for Readsboro and what is more another accomplishment for the Southern Vermont Broadband Cooperative, all all-volunteer group that has provided strong broadband to Stamford for years and now is moving to aid Readsboro. Although I am a former president of SVBC, I am no longer on the board, and thus I feel free to brag a little about the unselfish efforts of Bob Briggs, C.J. Vadnais, Alan Clayson, Chip Lovett, Nancy Bushika, Chris Robare, and others who have contributed their time and skills to this effort without any kind of remuneration and with very little recognition.

    1. I didn’t mean to omit Bill Levine, who has been part of the cooperative since its earliest days and Carol Ethier, the cooperative’s secretary.

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