First Meeting of Stamford’s Gathering Space Exploratory Group

The first meeting of Stamford’s Gathering Space Exploratory Group was
held on March 27 at 6 pm in the school. Those present had expressed
their interest at the March 5 Town Meeting. The eleven people in
attendance decided the group’s name should be the Stamford Building
Community Committee. The next meeting of the SBCC will be on Tuesday,
April 10 at 6 pm in the school. All are welcome!

While formal minutes were not kept, careful notes were taken for this
brainstorming session. The central ideas presented were as follows:

  • Two main gathering space ideas emerged from the discussion: A
    visible (possibly gazebo-like, village green-type) structure visible
    from Main Road; and a larger structure which could be used as an outdoor
    classroom and as a place for bigger community events.
  • An outdoor gathering space could be used as a central meeting
    location for town events such as a 5k run, a July 4 barbecue, and Green
    UP Day. The structure could be decorated for holidays and used as an
    informal meeting spot for residents.
  •  Students could use the space for various projects.
  • If a visible-from-Main-Road structure is made available to
    townspeople, they will think of many ways to use the space. The
    structure would help present Stamford as a vibrant community to
  • It was decided that input from more people to further explore
    possible uses and locations for the structure would be helpful.

Come one, come all!

For more information, please contact Pat Sullivan


Interstate School Merger and Selectboard Minutes

An update on the Interstate School Merger can be found in the right sidebar.

1. The Selectboard questioned several entries on the last couple sheriff’s bills. One was a VIN verification that the town was charged for and the others were when the officer responded to accidents that did not occur in Stamford. The town was still billed several hours even though the officer was no longer patrolling in Stamford. The town was also charged for numerous hours when the officer did the accident follow-up the next day and for completing the necessary paperwork. Sheriff Schmidt said it would be a billing nightmare if his officers had to clock on and off each time they had to respond to an emergency call. He needs to pay his officers from the time they get behind the wheel. The officer’s schedules are planned for the whole month and he said it all works out in the wash. If they leave Stamford to respond to a call, Stamford is still billed for the officer’s time. But if they are in a neighboring town and respond to an emergency call in Stamford, that other town would get billed for it.

The state police know their schedule and often ask them to intervene. Sheriff Schmidt said our contract includes a mutual aid agreement and if Stamford is not willing to honor it, then the next time there is a call, he will have to tell the state police no, they cannot respond, because Stamford won’t pay for it. Mike Denault asked if he was in a town that does not hire him, if he would still assist or would the officer not go because there is no contract with the town to pay. Sheriff Schmidt said
no, they would still go. Sheriff Schmidt suggested that we speak to other towns such as Readsboro, Woodford and Searsburg and if we could pool our money and guarantee 40 hours/week between the three/four towns, he could designate one officer to serve us specifically. We could count
on the same officer consistently. The Selectboard thanked him for coming and will consider inviting the chairs of other Selectboards to come and discuss the possibility. 2. The Bennington County Sheriff
recently asked the school principal for a key to the school lock box. Bill Levine was consulted for his opinion and he wanted to make the
Selectboard aware of the request.

Full minutes found here.


Third Time’s the Charm?

“The town [Clarksburg] will once again see if town meeting will accept combining school districts with Stamford, Vt., with the same article tabled at the December special town meeting.”

“Town Administrator Carl McKinney said both communities are under the gun and have to move on the merger, which is being driven by Vermont’s Act 46 that calls for small Vermont school districts to begin consolidating.”

The special town meeting is scheduled for Thursday, April 5, at 6:30.

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Voting Results And More

Thank you for your support of my candidacy for School Director at Stamford Elementary School. The election resulted in a tie 77 to 77 between myself and Kelly Holland. I have formally conceded this position to Kelly, and so a runoff election is not going to be necessary.

Kelly will be an excellent Director. She is an active member of the school merger committee, and has been attending School Board meetings consistently. She has children in our school, and has a strong sense of dedication to excellence in education. Kelly is also a strong voice of reason, and I have confidence that she will collaborate well and she will listen well.
I hope those that voted for me will also give her your full support as our School Board moves forward in this very exciting time.
Sincerely, Helen Fields


The town clerk provided samples and thought sending a postcard reminder in March stating all dogs need to be licensed with the town by April 1st, with the rabies clinic info could reduce some of the delinquent dog problem. Nancy Bushika did not feel it was necessary and feels dog owners should be responsible. The deadline and rabies clinic information will be announced at town meeting. The rabies clinic will be held on Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the firehouse.

There has been more dumping but it occurred on the Clarksburg side. Residents expressed frustration that nothing seems to get done to stop the dumping. Mike Denault stated that several people were caught dumping last year and had to pay fines. If you see something, say something. The more problems are reported, the more will get done.

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