It’s a one-shot deal … if it’s no next week, then it’s done.

Sorry for two email hits today, I was bit late in gathering weekly info.

The title for this post is a quote from Stamford resident Kim Morandi-Roberts who is a member of the Ad-hoc committee attempting to save Stamford from the draconian (in my opinion) Vermont Education Act 46.

It’s all or nothing at the Clarksburg special town meeting scheduled for Thursday April 5th at 6:30 pm where Clarksburg residents will vote on whether they wish to pursue the merger.

Both Morandi-Roberts and Cyndi Lamore were quoted in the story and provided excellent reasons why both towns should move forward with the idea.

iBerkshires has a great article on the subject.


One thought on “It’s a one-shot deal … if it’s no next week, then it’s done.”

  1. I think it important to emphasize that the vote at the special town meeting in Clarksburg on April 5 is NOT on whether to merge the schools – it is a vote for taking the first formal step towards this possibility. A town vote is required in order to use funds acquired by Sen. Cariddi for the purpose of studying a possible merger and to enter into these conversations. I hope the vote will be for a fair and informed opportunity to more fully understand how a possible merger might work to benefit the community’s children long-term.

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