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Initially I had written up a very long response to the Selectboard discussing this website without providing an opportunity for myself to be present. I’ve slept on it and decided this is not the place for a public feud with the Selectboard, the following will be the last of matter as far as I’m concerned.

Two items bothered me – 1) The statement that my pulling sections of the minutes for the website is “stirring the pot” and 2) the statement that the town should create it’s own website to  have “. . . an official place where the people can read the facts.”

I’ll address both by saying I pull out sections that I think would be of interest to the casual reader in an effort to get more people to read the entire minutes. I post only what is the minutes as they are presented to me and contain the FACTS as stated in the minutes. I do not edit anything that I copy from the minutes. Those who read the minutes from any other location will get no less or more information than appears on this site.

If I’m “stirring the pot” by bringing forth items that are in the board’s meeting minutes – so be it. I was asked to create this site by many residents who were frustrated with the lack of an online presence by the town and offer what is on this site as a free service to residents of Stamford. I initially asked for, but never received, many of the documents the selectboard has suggested should be on a town website.

That’s it – end of rant. If this site offends you, please unsubscribe and/or do not visit it. If you enjoy it, please pass the URL on to others whom you think might enjoy it as well.

Thanks for all the emails in support of this site,


4 thoughts on “My Response”

  1. I think you are doing a fabulous job! As a casual reader I appreciate the updates and the effort that goes into it. It seems to be a thankless job but know I thank you 😄 terry

  2. Another vote of support and appreciation. Thanks for all the work you do, CJ. Keep stirring the pot!

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