Latest Selectboard Meeting Minutes

A bid was received from Serrano Construction in the amount of $59,800.00. A bid was received from A-1, Inc. in the amount of $45,200.00. Both contractors attended the pre-bid site visit. Nancy Bushika suggested Dave Tatro review the bids. Later during the Road Conditions part of the meeting, the Selectboard resumed discussion. Dave Tatro felt that the bid from Serrano Construction was written out more thoroughly than the bid from A-1. The A-1 bid is much lower but doesn’t mention the shim coat or tack coat. It was noted that both companies attended the pre-bid site visit and should be bidding on the same work. Mike Denault was concerned that the town didn’t do its job if we bid it out without specifications. Dave Tatro felt that he specified what needed to be done with each company at the site visit, but was concerned because A-1 used the term patching instead of a shim coat. Dave Tatro advised if the board wants to choose the lower bid, they should contact A-1 for clarification of his proposal first. The Selectboard asked for Dave Tatro’s recommendation. He said he had worked with both companies and they both do good work. MOTION by Dan Potvin to accept the bid submitted by Serrano Construction in the amount of $59,800.00. SECONDED by Chris Warren. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.

Jeff Disorda from Vermont Electric Company spoke about their project on County Road. They are doing a major upgrade of the power line from the Massachusetts border through Stamford, Pownal, Bennington and into New York. There are 18 structures which need to be replaced. They will be working within their right of way but would like to upgrade County Road from the intersection of Klondike Road to the area where the power line crosses County Road. Dump trucks will be hauling over 1,000 yards of stone. They will cover culverts with a timber construction mat to prevent damage and will cut tree branches to widen some areas. When they are done they seed and mulch their easement road under the power lines so there will be little maintenance needed after re-vegetation. Helen Fields asked if native species could be planted. Jeff Disorda stated that what they use is approved by the state and encourages the growth of native species. They have hired Casella Construction who will get all the appropriate road permits. The Selectboard asked him to work closely with Dave Tatro and asked Dave Tatro to keep the board informed.

1. Mike Denault has received complaints from people who think the town shouldn’t hire the sheriffs or think the hours should be reduced. He feels the townspeople voted to keep the sheriff at a prior town meeting so the Selectboard should renew their contract.
MOTION by Mike Denault to sign the contract for 22 hours/week sheriff’s patrol at the rate of $43.25/hour. SECONDED by Nancy Bushika. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.
2. Mike Denault will contact Sheriff Chad Schmidt concerning joining with other towns.

The full minutes can be found here.

Community Building Group Would Like Your Input

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At The Stamford Community Church Bazaar Today

Be sure to stop by the Stamford Vermont Seed Savers table at the Stamford Community Church Bazaar
Saturday, June 2, 9am to 1pm.

We will have several excellent varieties of tomato plants available, (which we started six weeks ago in the Fire House): reasonably priced, and ready to plant! There will also be educational information and gardeners to answer your questions, or ask you one if you are around!

Helen will demonstrate how to get stung by stinging nettle, for a small or large donation.
We will also have a mock-up of a barrel flower box, and an opportunity to discuss your ideas for where to put four lovely giant lilac trees, which have been recently donated to the Seed Savers to be placed on the town/school landscape.

We will also MEET next Tuesday, June 5 at 6pm in the Stamford Community Gardens out back of school.
It is possible we will have a tree pruning demonstration, as well.
Bring your ideas for landscaping the school grounds, and for planning the gardens.