Not Everyone Screams For Ice Cream – Selectboard Version

1. Nancy Bushika summarized the discussion from the last Selectboard meeting. At a recent Zoning Board of Adjustment meeting the ice cream truck came up and the ZBA decided to contact the town attorney for clarification. Pam Tworig was dismayed that so much discussion has been going on concerning her business. About 23 years ago they stopped having open business hours but she has been selling landscaping materials and products all along. Pam Tworig and Kristin Malachuck submitted a permit application for the ice cream business. Kristin Malachuck contacted the state and no permit is necessary to sell ice cream but she has applied to the state for a permit to sell hotdogs. Sheila Lawrence spoke to James Stimpson, the Administrative Officer, advising that he needed to shut them down because they were in violation due to the traffic hazard created by patrons parking on the road. Jean Kurpiel stated that Sheila Lawrence was speaking as a private citizen, not as part of the ZBA. The Administrative Officer said he would go down and speak to the ice cream truck owners concerning the parking along the Main Road. Dan Potvin agreed that there are a lot of rumors going around. Dan Potvin noted that the vast majority of residents support the ice cream truck business. Jean Kurpiel acknowledged that there is a valid concern for safety with the parking on the road. Pam Tworig supports parking on her property and Kristin Malachuck has already ordered signs to direct parking in the parking area. Nancy Bushika felt this matter should have gone before the Zoning Board. Jim Stimpson was frustrated that nobody contacted him directly. Jim Stimpson said he felt the root of the problem was that he allowed the business without a new permit because they already had a permit and he would do it again. Jean Kurpiel felt the parking was the main issue her board had and the new signs should resolve the safety issue. She did not expect to receive such an aggressive response from the attorney. Helen Fields was pleased with how easily the parties reached an agreement.
MOTION by Chris Warren to acknowledge that the Selectboard addressed, discussed and resolved the matter. SECONDED by Dan Potvin. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.
2. James Stimpson said if someone really feels there is an unsafe condition from cars parking on the road, then the sheriff or state police should be called. Dave Tatro asked who the Administrative Officer answers to. Since the Selectboard appointed him, it would be the Selectboard. If there was a real emergency, Bill Levine as head of Emergency Management could be contacted.
3. At the attorney’s recommendation to handle the unsafe parking issue immediately, the Selectboard amended their regular notice to include an emergency topic and gave emergency notice. Many were unhappy with the term and asked if the term urgent could be used in the future.

The rest of the minutes can be found here.