Community Garden Aerial View – First Attempt

I hope you don’t get seasick and there is a crash or two, I’m just learning how to fly my drone and thought the garden would make a good video. I’ll do another as the season (and hopefully my flying progress). Raw unedited footage, hang on to your hats I was battling the wind.

It’s a big file, so you will need some patience while it loads.

[fvplayer src=”” width=”1280″ height=”720″]MOVI0002

6 thoughts on “Community Garden Aerial View – First Attempt”

  1. Wow, Chris, that was great! Some healthy looking foliage there. Congrats to the folks who are developing that space and ‘outdoor classroom’. Isaac looked a bit perplexed! Have fun developing your flying skill!

  2. In spite of the wobblies and the crash landing, it was fun to see how the gardens are doing and they look great! Keep practicing and I’ll be happy to fly with you again further out in the season. Happy landing!!

  3. Very cool for a first try! See? The official town site isn’t going to have anything like this. 🙂

  4. Thanks for an awesome trip around the gardens! They are in need of some cleanup, but we have been keeping them tended and weeded (special thanks to Stephen Greene and Ruth West for hours of work!). Stamford Vermont Seed Savers is hoping to plan a work day in the near future (cooler weather, fewer garden tasks at home) and perhaps a tour of the gardens on the Stamford School Potluck evening! Join them and us for more town fun. Helen

  5. ANYONE in town who wishes to harvest from the school and community gardens may do so (and you are also welcome to weed if needed, but not necessary):
    blueberries, kale, lots of basil (Thai, citrus and giant Italian are READY), flowers galore!

    Students who planted might want to take family members down there to see your gardens!
    Happy Pickin’!

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