Selectboard Meeting Minutes

The Selectboard is looking for volunteers to serve on this year’s Finance Committee. Last year’s members will be contacted.

The Vermont Urban & Community Forestry Program has scheduled a presentation in Arlington, Vermont to discuss the emerald ash borer. This insect has been found in Stamford by the Agency of Natural Resources.

1. The highway crew has been working on the Mill Road ditching project. We are making money back on our equipment and time by using our own excavator instead of hiring out the work. Projects that took a week before can be finished in a day with the excavator.
2. Dave Tatro received the permit to repair the Creamery Brook culvert on Clough Road.
3. Dave Tatro plans to work on some culverts on Klondike Road.
4. Dan Potvin heard there was a logger working on East Road and suggested Dave Tatro check on the road.
5. Allen Desautels has accepted the full-time highway laborer position and will start on October 29, 2018.
6. Larry Arnold has been using the leaf blower to clean out the ditches. He is all done mowing.
7. Dave Tatro has heard a lot of rumors and misinformation in town. He said times have changed and people expect a level of service that demands a third highway person. He wishes people would attend Selectboard meetings and get the information first-hand. The town will save a lot of money with our own excavator instead of hiring contractors. Being able to repair equipment in house instead of paying a garage for repairs saves lots of money and the third laborer will make the highway department more efficient. The Selectboard and Dave Tatro will plan a presentation for town meeting.

Pat Sullivan and Victoria Jefferies met with an architect at Norwich University. They presented the Selectboard with a written outline. The architectural department has agreed to use our project as part of their curriculum. They will develop project ideas, prepare sketches and cost estimates for town meeting. There is no cost to the town for their services which is a tremendous savings. The group will pursue grants and the amount of grant funding obtained may ultimately decide the scope of the project and whether the project will be completed in phases. The board gave its full support. Chris Warren suggested they speak to the School Board about the interstate merger with Clarksburg since ownership of the school building and land will need to be turned over to the school district according to the draft merger documents.


Selectboard Meeting Minutes

1. There is a discrepancy between the town’s 1996 Ordinance regarding Street Naming and Street Addressing and the 9-1-1 State Board Standards for addressing. Nancy Bushika reviewed the state law which says the requirements will be set by the 9-1-1 State Board. Although the standards only require a 3” high number, our ordinance requires house numbers be 4” high. Bill Levine asked that the board keep the 4” high requirement. The standards require reflective address numbers, but our ordinance only requires numbers to be in a contrasting color from the building background. Mike Denault noted that we have another ordinance which the town is not enforcing. The ordinance does have provisions for penalties and fines for non-compliance.
MOTION by Chris Warren to add to Section IV of the ordinance that numbers be a reflective, contrasting color. SECONDED by Dan Potvin. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.
The Selectboard will start the process of changing the ordinance officially.

Mike Denault would like to see a Christmas tree on the school front lawn. There used to be one years ago and several other towns have them. Electricity is available at the flag pole. Mike Denault knows someone who will donate an 8-10 foot tall tree and Dave Tatro will help put it up. Nancy Bushika suggested we talk to the principal, Micah Hayre, to see if the school children would like to have a tree lighting ceremony.

Carl Taylor asked the board to be fiscally responsible in making the decision to hire a third full-time laborer. He charged the board to look at the whole picture. Dave Tatro said this position should reduce the overtime pay and eliminate the part-time position. Nancy Bushika said safety was a main concern when making this decision because our highway guys sometimes put in excessive hours during snowstorms. We don’t want them falling asleep at the wheel and causing an accident. Dave Tatro said he gets calls at home from the state police and residents wanting their road plowed and the needs of the town are growing beyond what two people can manage. Dave Tatro said he really pushed for a third laborer and told the board he would not be here next year if they didn’t seriously consider it. Mike Denault told Carl Taylor he appreciated his input. Carl Taylor expressed that he was not trying to tell the board or Dave Tatro how to do their job, he just wanted to ask them to be fiscally aware.

All meeting minutes are located here


Stamford Seed Savers Work Party

There will be a work party at the school garden on Saturday, the 13th, from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm. Our goal will be to clean the existing beds, plant a cover crop, build several new beds and fill them with top soil and compost.  We will need hand tools, drills, bits and drivers, hammers, shovels and steel rakes.  Bring tools, if you have them, or just bring yourself, there will be plenty to do.  Light refreshments will be provided.

All are welcome. Bring family and friends.  A rain date will be announced in case of inclement weather.

Hope to see you there.

Stephen Greene


A Little Behind On Some Notices

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From the Selectboard:

Donna Engel explained that she estimated needing 92 wreaths and so far has 51 wreaths sponsored. MountainOne Bank donated $250.00 toward the fundraiser. The wreath laying will be Saturday, December 15, 2018 at noon. She would like to have veterans from town to represent each branch of the service for the ceremony. The wreaths cost $15.00 each and for every two wreaths sponsored, the group receives one free. The wreaths will be delivered here two days before. Nancy Bushika suggested she speak with the school to coordinate the delivery. The Veterans dinner will be on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the school which would be a good opportunity to speak to local vets. Forms to purchase wreaths are available at the town office, on and on facebook (use code VT0006).

The Selectboard held a public hearing on the renaming of Old County Road. Laura Champagne questioned whether the road could be renamed at this time due to ongoing litigation. If we are only changing the name for GPS and 9-1-1 reasons, she suggested we add a waypoint instead of changing the name. Chris Warren stated that we have no control over waypoints.
MOTION by Dan Potvin to re-name the easterly end of Old County Road from the intersection of Main Road to the Kevin Coffman Bopp and Stephen R. Bopp (formerly Jack Newkom) property to “Brown Brook Road”. SECONDED by Chris Warren. 4 in favor (Carol Fachini abstained). Motion APPROVED.

MOTION by Chris Warren to purchase a domain name of for the town’s official website. SECONDED by Mike Denault. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.
Chris Warren has been working with the state for a address which will bring people to the same place. Chris Warren asked for the submission of images and photos for use on the town’s website, although, the board can’t guarantee that they will be able to use all photos that are received.

The board set Halloween hours from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on October 31, 2018, just like last year. The Fire Department will be out with trucks and flashing lights again this year. Bill Levine asked if there will be a children’s parade.

The full minutes can be found here