Selectboard Shorts

1. Dave Tatro is frustrated that the new truck is delayed again until the end of January.
2. A resident stopped at the garage yelling at Mike Brothers and Allen Desautels, angry that his road was slippery. Dave Tatro offered to show pictures of the road. He had plowed and sanded not that long before and you could see a dusting of new snow but a good amount of sand was still visible. Dave Tatro said the level of service that some people expect is ridiculous. We can’t go out for every single flurry. The Selectboard gave their support to the highway department and agreed that we do not have a bare roads policy.
3. The Ford keeps overheating and Dave Tatro will probably have to take it to Carbone’s for repair.
4. Allen Desautels will work on getting his CDL license this summer.
5. Dave Tatro reminds everyone to refrain from plowing snow across town roads. It is against the law and can create hazardous conditions.

TAM has not been able to find us a used compactor yet. Nancy Bushika will see Trevor Mance at next week’s alliance meeting and will talk to him about it.

Jim Stimpson informed the board that he has been investigating and working with a solar company to install a solar array on his property. He said the company has identified several areas in town that would be favorable for solar fields and wanted to bring it to the board’s attention so the board could begin to discuss a community solar field. He would like to invite a representative from the solar company to a Planning Commission meeting and perhaps a Selectboard meeting also. Jim Stimpson said towns cannot regulate solar arrays, they are all permitted by the state. The Planning Commission is working with the Bennington County Regional Commission to take steps toward choosing favorable locations for the installation of windmills in Stamford.

Selectboard Shorts

The board discussed signing the six month contract from January through June 2019. Mike Denault is researching the pros and cons between keeping the Bennington sheriff, hiring Vermont State Police to patrol, or appointing a constable. He recognizes the voters showed support for law enforcement in town at a previous town meeting. The board hopes to have information available at town meeting so the voters can make an informed decision. The Selectboard would like to invite a State Trooper to their January meeting. The Bennington County Sheriff contract was signed.

2018 AUDIT
The Selectboard signed the engagement letter for the firm of Love, Cody & Company to conduct the 2018 audit of town accounts. This confirmation agrees to provide the auditors with all information necessary to conduct the audit which will begin January 28, 2019 at a cost of $10,200.00. Last year the cost was $10,000.00.

Pat Sullivan reminded the board that they had agreed to add a line item in the budget to hold any donations or grant money that the Community Building Group receives. A line item will be created.

Chris Warren provided updated language for the board’s review as a result of the attorney’s opinion from the Vermont League of Cities & Towns. The final draft will be reviewed and signed at the next meeting.