Interstate School Merger Needs You

Last year in’s survey most you indicated that keeping a thriving school in town was a top priority and asked how you could help. Here is your opportunity to help.

From the committee:
We’re reaching out to the Stamford community for some assistance with the interstate merger group please. The community focus group in Stamford will be held on Monday starting at 4:30 (prior to the joint town meeting). Currently, we only have one community member who has responded so far to participate in this focus group. We need at least 7-10 more interested community members willing to dedicate a little time to answer some questions and bring some insight into how you envision the future education of Stamford’s students.
If you are interested and willing to participate, please email Cindy Lamore at by noon on Monday. The Stamford School Board of Directors and the Interstate Merger Committee thank you for your help in this endeavor.

Notice of Meeting