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The town clerk has been contacted by three mapping firms interested in submitting bids to the state for the state-wide town mapping project. Although the Listers and Selectboard have objected to the program for the past several years, the state is paying for the GIS data to be obtained. The town has the option of paying for their own set of paper maps. If we purchase paper maps, it is recommended that we budget funds every year for the contractor to update the maps each year. The town clerk’s concern is that these maps are not surveys, they will not hold up in court, and the state will not back them. She is worried about the cost to our residents and our town that discrepancies in acreage could create. If the contractor calculates a different acreage than the town’s grand list, it will be costly to our residents to pay for a survey to determine the actual acreage. It could also be costly to the town to have to defend the new calculated acreage. The contractors have advised that this is a four to six month process and they will want to photograph the town maps and surveys and will need copies of the deeds. This will be very time consuming for the town office staff. The Selectboard supported the town clerk charging the state allowed $2.00/hour fee for copying as well as $1.00 per copy regardless of whether it is obtained by photograph or copy machine. They also agreed with the clerk that no records should leave the town office. The Selectboard decided not to obtain copies of the tax maps and will continue to use our grand list information.

Nancy Bushika, Sally Bohl and Lori Shepard met with Chris Landon, the state’s District Advisor, this morning. Nancy Bushika explained how the state calculates the town’s CLA (Common Level of Appraisal) and COD (Coefficient of Dispersion). There is no room to negotiate with the state and in July we will receive an order to reappraise. The time frame is about three years. Readsboro sent out letters to reappraisal firms and they only received one response. They have about 772 parcels and received a quote of about $68,000.00. We have a similar amount of parcels. Debbie Darling stated that the town really needs to reappraise. Stamford will begin the process of sending out letters to obtain bids.

1. The new truck should be here by the end of next week. It is finished but they are waiting for the plow to come in.
2. The Ford continues to give trouble. At some point it will have to go in for repair but they need it on the road right now.
3. Nancy Bushika received two complaints about snow plowing from last week’s storm and she has talked to Dave Tatro already. People should not be calling Dave Tatro at home with complaints. When people call his home angry and his wife and children have to hear someone berate him on the answering machine it’s hurtful. Mike Denault suggested he consider an unlisted phone number. He doesn’t want to do that in case someone needs to reach him in an emergency. Dave Tatro said there is a lot of pettiness going on. He would like the Selectboard to go out and look at the situation when they receive a complaint. The Selectboard asks anyone who has a complaint or problem to come to a Selectboard meeting or send a letter to the Selectboard.
4. Nancy Bushika was approached by someone recently who praised how well our town roads are taken care of.
5. The treasurer advised that the town continues to be billed for warranty work done on the Ford last year at Carbone Ford. Lithia Motors bought Carbone in Bennington and continues to bill us for the work. Both Dave Tatro and Lori Shepard have repeatedly sent them copies of the documentation showing that the manifold assembly work was done under warranty. The board feels this could be considered a form of harassment and asked Lori Shepard to send Lithia a letter by certified mail with the documentation.

In an effort to reduce confusion, will no longer duplicate the archiving of the complete Selectboard Minutes. The minutes that were available prior to the town website creation will remain on the archive pages here, all new archive minutes will be located on the town’s website.

Full meeting minutes can be accessed here.


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