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Seed Savers Latest Minutes

Vermont Community Gardens Network has granted us $500, and want to match another $250! All we have to do is find ~50 people who can pledge $5 or ~25 people who can pledge $10 or ~10 people who can pledge $25 or ~ one person who can pledge $250

Community Building Group’s Latest Minutes – Next Meeting is April 16th

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3/25 at 7pm is a Public Hearing to discuss the Energy Plan for the Town of Stamford.
3/26 at 6pm Stamford Vermont Seed Savers in Town Library.
4/9 6pm Stamford Vermont Seed Savers in Town Library (twice monthly in Spring!)
Stamford Vermont Seed Savers received a $500  grant from Vermont Community Garden Network.

Building Community Group Meeting Notes March 13, 2019
Attendance: Victoria, Rich, Barb, Sara, Nancy, Caroline, Helen, Carolyn, Stephen, Bill, Joan, Pat, Priscilla
• Chronology of activities of the group for the last year was presented
• Sketch of potential new town sign location, new bench locations, new bulletin
board locations presented
• Site and floor plans for proposed structure from Norwich University presented
• Norwich students should complete all activity by May 2 and present
Stamford with construction documents and possible budget
• Integration of town-designed tiles (the tile project) into bulletin boards, new
structure, town sign, new benches explained. Information will be shared through the school, library, website, etc. regarding tile project participation
Hopeful timeline shared:
Tile project this summer – hopefully early July – August.
New sign, benches and bulletin boards this fall – will be asking for lots of Stamford labor help at that time
New structure spring/summer 2020

Next Steps:
• Continue to apply for funding – $3-5,000 gets us off the mark.
• Consider asking for donations from townspeople
• Next meeting April 9, 2019. Time and location will be posted


Stamford Fire Recognizes Firefighters Accomplishments

Service Awards
Mike Kurpiel – 40 years of service
Bill Levine – 40 years of service
Bill Morehouse – 30 years of service
Glenn Ethier – 30 years of service
Chad Columbus – 15 years of service
Mitch Meranti – 10 years of service

Saving a Human Life – Scott Lamore

Firefighter of The Year – Dan Gigliotti


Upcoming Events

1. Planning Commission meeting this Monday 3/11/19 at 7pm in Stamford Town Office.
This is a reorganization meeting. All are welcome.

2. Seed Savers meeting this Tuesday 3/12/19 at 6pm in Stamford Library. All are welcome
to help plan the school/community gardens.

3. Community Building Committee meeting this Wednesday 3/13/19 at 6pm in Stamford Elementary School.
All are welcome.

Building Community Group

It’s been a beautiful winter and a lot has been going on behind the scenes with the Building Community Group. Our collaboration with Norwich University has yielded some interesting thoughts regarding our proposed projects at the town/school building site. We’ve been busily applying for grant funding and could use your thoughts on next steps in that direction.

Please come to the school on Wednesday, March 13 at 6 PM for a full update on all activities! Bring your friends! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Pat Sullivan


Speak Out on Behalf of Our Students

A message from Heidi Peterson:

In 2013, legislation in Vermont authorized all Vermont public high school students meeting certain eligibility requirements to be entitled to receive up to two vouchers for college courses as part of the Dual Enrollment Program. Unfortunately, students in Stamford and Readsboro were excluded from being able to access this entitlement, because most of our public school high school students attend school in Massachusetts. The Vermont Senate Committee on Education is now considering a bill, S63, to correct this inequity and allow Stamford students and those in other districts with the school choice across state lines, to  take advantage of this entitlement program. Stamford and Readsboro students need your support. Please send a letter to the Senate Committee on Education, Senator Philip Baruth, chair, as well as to our legislative delegation who have been advancing bills on our behalf, Rep. Laura Sibilia, Sen Dick Sears, and Sen Brian Campion. I have attached copies of my testimony on behalf of this bill and additional testimony I have submitted after the State Agency of Education testified against including students in Stamford and Readsboro in this entitlement. A decision about whether to move this bill forward will be made within the next week before bills cross over to the House.

Thank you for your support for our students.

Heidi’s testimony can be read here and here.