Speak Out on Behalf of Our Students

A message from Heidi Peterson:

In 2013, legislation in Vermont authorized all Vermont public high school students meeting certain eligibility requirements to be entitled to receive up to two vouchers for college courses as part of the Dual Enrollment Program. Unfortunately, students in Stamford and Readsboro were excluded from being able to access this entitlement, because most of our public school high school students attend school in Massachusetts. The Vermont Senate Committee on Education is now considering a bill, S63, to correct this inequity and allow Stamford students and those in other districts with the school choice across state lines, to  take advantage of this entitlement program. Stamford and Readsboro students need your support. Please send a letter to the Senate Committee on Education, Senator Philip Baruth, chair, as well as to our legislative delegation who have been advancing bills on our behalf, Rep. Laura Sibilia, Sen Dick Sears, and Sen Brian Campion. I have attached copies of my testimony on behalf of this bill and additional testimony I have submitted after the State Agency of Education testified against including students in Stamford and Readsboro in this entitlement. A decision about whether to move this bill forward will be made within the next week before bills cross over to the House.

Thank you for your support for our students.

Heidi’s testimony can be read here and here.