Broadband Home

The Southern Vermont Broadband Cooperative offers a local wireless alternative for your Internet needs. The cooperative runs redundant 75Mbs symmetric networks – one, on Vermont’s 1 GB Fiber Ring and one wireless backhaul from the commercial fiber line in Massachusetts. While other broadband providers will quote speeds similar to what our members receive, their quotes are for download speeds only. Their upload speeds are significantly restricted where a SVBC member will be able upload files, send emails, and work remotely with the same upload speed they do for surfing the web and receiving email (downloading).

Southern Vermont Broadband Cooperative, established in 2005, is the longest continuous running broadband cooperative in the State of Vermont!

Send us an email at to see if you can become a cooperative member.

Some other benefits to being a member of our cooperative:
– No installation charges, we do charge for your last month’s (ending) dues with your first bill.
– No equipment charges – the cooperative owns all the equipment, if something fails we replace it at no charge.
– Our prices will only come down, while our connection speed will only increase in the future
– Our area of coverage will continue to grow as our membership grows
– All proceeds from membership dues go directly into the cooperative (for bandwidth purchase, and network expansion and maintenance), nobody makes any money off of your internet needs
– The network is installed and maintained by community members so if any service is needed, it’s done around your schedule and as quickly as possible
– If a member chooses, they can completely stop their land line phone service with the use of a VOIP, Skype, in house cell station, or any of the other digital voice options available (these are separate services that are not affiliated with the cooperative but in use by many cooperative members).
– Our monthly dues are $35 billed via email with several payment options.
– We do not limit bandwidth use as long as a member’s usage does not adversely effect the enjoyment of the network of any other member. We are a community network and as such we ask that each member be mindfully of how their online usage might effect the network as a whole.

Each installation is different depending on where an antenna needs to be mounted and where the main connection will be inside the home, on average our installations takes about an hour. We generally visit the home to discuss installation options prior to installation. Depending on your time commitments and those of our installers, you could have service by the end week.