Wreaths Across America Update

Stamford Cemeteries Wreaths Across America

It’s been awhile… but we would like to give some updates about our goal to lay wreaths at all the veterans’ graves in the Stamford Cemeteries.

To date we have 15 wreaths sponsored out of our total goal of 92. We are 16% to goal!

We applied for grant money from multiple places and have not heard from most, but we did receive some good news from MountainOne. We will receive a grant for $250.00! That is 25 wreaths which will really help us make strides towards our goal. We do not have any fundraisers scheduled but are hoping that the rest of the wreaths will come from individual sponsorships.

To sponsor a wreath (or 2) or to volunteer to be involved with this effort please go to our website


If you prefer to donate with a sponsorship form we have them at both the Town Office and the library.

Also visit us at our Facebook page

If anyone is interested (and we hope a lot of you will be) we would like to ‘Remember the fallen’ as well as ‘Honoring those who serve’ by posting small entries on our facebook page.

Honoring those who serve –

Do you have someone in your family that is currently serving that we could highlight? A short write-up with perhaps a picture telling us a little something about them.

Remembering the fallen –

Do you have a veteran buried at Houghton or Millard cemeteries that we could remember with a post? A short write-up with their picture would also be wonderful.

Please send any entries to us at stamfordnorthadamswaa@gmail.com and we will post them for you.

Thank you,
Donna Whitcomb and Donna Engel





1) The Polish take-out restaurant is open for business. I stopped to get a menu yesterday but they hadn’t arrived from the printer yet. I was treated to a wonderful sample of Kupusta. The will have a website 180Grill.

2)Stamford Elementary School’s principal Micha Hayre is announcing a new program to bring community members and students together for fun and learning.
“This year, I am facilitating a “Life Skills” class once a week to replace MAD (Make A Difference) Monday.  Due to the fact that public education is having a more and more difficult time implementing courses like “home economics” or “trade skills” into a K-8 education, I am bringing a class called “Life Skills” to Stamford School!  Each Friday, I will facilitate Life Skills between 10am-2:30pm.  I will be bringing in guests that have a skill, hobby, talent, or collection that they believe that every child should be introduced to such as sewing, tying a knot, fishing, cooking, gardening, carpentry, and the list goes on!  You could bring one day of learning or a session of learning (multiple Fridays).  It could be four Fridays in a row or it could be one Friday.

Are you the expert in something and would you be interested in making a difference in the lives of our K-8 students in Stamford, VT?  OR do you know someone is the expert- please forward this on.

Life Skills    FRI
10:05-10:45    Grade 8
10:45-10:50    5 min transition
12:25-1:05    Grades 4-5
1:05-1:40    Grades 2-3
1:40-1:45    5 min transition
1:45-2:25    Grades 6-7

Please note that all guest teachers may be subject to a background check.

The Fridays that are available can be found at this link.

Thank you so much for the possibility of investing in Stamford and our future! Please email mhayre@stamfordelementary.com if interested or have questions!

County Road and The Dump Trucks

Many complaints coming in about the dump trucks that have taken over County Road – of speeding and taking over the whole road. Probably not something that anyone can do anything about unless we wanted to pay the sheriff to monitor the road during work hours.

I think it would be a bit more palatable if the residents were getting something out of it, like a usable road to Pownal/Bennignton. I hear the work they have done is fantastic but that it won’t lead to a viable route over the mountain.

So – be careful out there if you travel County/Mill Road defensive driving is the order of the day.

Selectboard Minutes and more

While it’s been a slow summer news wise, I have missed posting a few announcements due to family matters. I should be able to resume regular postings as they come in. The good news is that the Selectboard is getting closer to getting their website up and running which means this one may not be needed any more – I’ll take it one day at a time and see where the path leads.

So for now, here are two links to meeting minutes that you maybe interested in. I’ll get to work updating the calendar and whatever else needs attention.

Latest Community Building Group

Selectboard Minutes 7-12-18


Extreme Heat Advisory From Vt Dept of Health

Hot Weather Health Advisory
The National Weather Service has issued a heat advisory for the Champlain Valley beginning Saturday, and for all of Vermont for Sunday and Monday. High temperatures are forecast to be in the 90s in many locations from Saturday through most of next week, with the forecasted heat index exceeding 100 degrees F on Sunday and Monday. This level of heat is rarely experienced in Vermont, and will increase the risk for heat illnesses, or exacerbate pre-existing medical conditions. Vermont data indicates that emergency department visits for heat-related illnesses begin to increase when temperatures reach the mid- to upper-80s, with impacts getting progressively worse as temperatures rise through the 90s.

Populations Most Affected
Individuals who are generally at higher risk for heat-related health impacts include: older adults, young children, people who are homeless, outdoor workers and hobbyists, pregnant women, people who are overweight, those with chronic medical conditions, disabilities or mental illness, people using recreational drugs or alcohol, and those using certain prescription medications. Risk is further elevated for people who live alone or do not have air conditioning. Dehydration and hot living conditions are the major concerns for these populations.

Symptoms and First Aid
Muscle cramps, heavy sweating, nausea, headache or light-headedness may all indicate a heat illness. Most heat illnesses can be treated with fluids and by resting in a cooler place. If symptoms persist or get worse, or someone you are with seems confused or loses consciousness, dial 9-1-1 for immediate medical help. Learn more about symptoms and first aid at www.cdc.gov/disasters/extremeheat/warning.html

If you provide care or housing for people at higher risk for heat-related health impacts:
• Be prepared to treat a higher number of heat-related conditions than usual.
• Make sure that air conditioning or other cooling systems are in place and functioning.
• If cooling systems are not available, or malfunction, have a plan in place for providing
emergency cooling or relocating people to a cooler location.
• Have a plan for checking in on people at higher risk to make sure they stay hydrated and
can stay cool in their location.
• Consider how hot conditions may affect a patient or client before sending them home.
• Consider how medications could increase risk for dehydration and heat illnesses.
• If staffing an event, make sure that event organizers are well prepared with water,
cooling strategies, and plans to modify or cancel the event if needed.
• Remember that hot weather can affect anyone. Be sure your organization has a heat
management plan for employees and volunteers. Be aware of your own symptoms, and look out for your colleagues.


Job Opening and Stamford Community Building Group

The Town of Stamford is seeking applicants for the part-time, 18 hours/week position of Assistant Town Clerk/Assistant Treasurer. The successful candidate must be comfortable working in a busy environment while in direct contact with the public and other town officials. Candidates should posses a knowledge of routine office duties as well as the use of Word and Excel and should have excellent communication skills. The applicant must be organized, attentive to detail and be able to exercise discretion. Responsibilities include but are not limited to the recording of land records, maintaining the voter checklist; assisting with the preparation and receipt of property taxes, issuing various licenses, registrations and certified copies, cashiering, accounts payable and accounts receivable.

Please forward a resume and cover letter to the Town Clerk’s office at 986 Main Road, Stamford, VT 05352.

CBG Minutes (Click image for full version)


Youth Sports

Do you or someone you know have a son or daughter who would like to play tackle football? Sign ups for North Adams Youth Football will be held each Friday night in July from 6 – 8pm for ages 7 – 13.

More details can be found on their website Na-Youth-Football.org