Stamford Getting In The Holiday Spirit

Wreaths Across America – Stamford Cemeteries
Please join us on Sunday December 16, 2018 at noon for a short ceremony to honor and remember our veterans at the Stamford Town Hall near the Honor Roll.
Immediately following the ceremony we will be laying wreaths on the veterans’ graves in both Millard and Houghton cemeteries.
We are looking for volunteers to help us lay the wreaths. If you are interested in helping us please let us know by emailing us at All ages are welcome!
Town Tree Lighting
The Town tree lighting will be Sunday, Dec 2nd at 4 p.m. at the school.  Luke McKay will be providing children horse drawn wagon rides with Santa from the school to the firehouse and back. This year’s tree is donated by the Burchard Family.

Southern Vermont Broadband Members

If you are a member of SVBC, please be aware that iBerdola (the owners of the tower at the windmills) is planning a 12 hour power outage on Wednesday Nov 14th. As of now, they have denied a request from the cooperative to place a temporary generator on site to keep the broadband equipment powered through their outage.

Please plan accordingly.

A Little Behind On Some Notices

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From the Selectboard:

Donna Engel explained that she estimated needing 92 wreaths and so far has 51 wreaths sponsored. MountainOne Bank donated $250.00 toward the fundraiser. The wreath laying will be Saturday, December 15, 2018 at noon. She would like to have veterans from town to represent each branch of the service for the ceremony. The wreaths cost $15.00 each and for every two wreaths sponsored, the group receives one free. The wreaths will be delivered here two days before. Nancy Bushika suggested she speak with the school to coordinate the delivery. The Veterans dinner will be on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at the school which would be a good opportunity to speak to local vets. Forms to purchase wreaths are available at the town office, on and on facebook (use code VT0006).

The Selectboard held a public hearing on the renaming of Old County Road. Laura Champagne questioned whether the road could be renamed at this time due to ongoing litigation. If we are only changing the name for GPS and 9-1-1 reasons, she suggested we add a waypoint instead of changing the name. Chris Warren stated that we have no control over waypoints.
MOTION by Dan Potvin to re-name the easterly end of Old County Road from the intersection of Main Road to the Kevin Coffman Bopp and Stephen R. Bopp (formerly Jack Newkom) property to “Brown Brook Road”. SECONDED by Chris Warren. 4 in favor (Carol Fachini abstained). Motion APPROVED.

MOTION by Chris Warren to purchase a domain name of for the town’s official website. SECONDED by Mike Denault. All in favor. Motion APPROVED.
Chris Warren has been working with the state for a address which will bring people to the same place. Chris Warren asked for the submission of images and photos for use on the town’s website, although, the board can’t guarantee that they will be able to use all photos that are received.

The board set Halloween hours from 6:00 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. on October 31, 2018, just like last year. The Fire Department will be out with trucks and flashing lights again this year. Bill Levine asked if there will be a children’s parade.

The full minutes can be found here

Wreaths Across America Update

Stamford Cemeteries Wreaths Across America

It’s been awhile… but we would like to give some updates about our goal to lay wreaths at all the veterans’ graves in the Stamford Cemeteries.

To date we have 15 wreaths sponsored out of our total goal of 92. We are 16% to goal!

We applied for grant money from multiple places and have not heard from most, but we did receive some good news from MountainOne. We will receive a grant for $250.00! That is 25 wreaths which will really help us make strides towards our goal. We do not have any fundraisers scheduled but are hoping that the rest of the wreaths will come from individual sponsorships.

To sponsor a wreath (or 2) or to volunteer to be involved with this effort please go to our website

If you prefer to donate with a sponsorship form we have them at both the Town Office and the library.

Also visit us at our Facebook page

If anyone is interested (and we hope a lot of you will be) we would like to ‘Remember the fallen’ as well as ‘Honoring those who serve’ by posting small entries on our facebook page.

Honoring those who serve –

Do you have someone in your family that is currently serving that we could highlight? A short write-up with perhaps a picture telling us a little something about them.

Remembering the fallen –

Do you have a veteran buried at Houghton or Millard cemeteries that we could remember with a post? A short write-up with their picture would also be wonderful.

Please send any entries to us at and we will post them for you.

Thank you,
Donna Whitcomb and Donna Engel





1) The Polish take-out restaurant is open for business. I stopped to get a menu yesterday but they hadn’t arrived from the printer yet. I was treated to a wonderful sample of Kupusta. The will have a website 180Grill.

2)Stamford Elementary School’s principal Micha Hayre is announcing a new program to bring community members and students together for fun and learning.
“This year, I am facilitating a “Life Skills” class once a week to replace MAD (Make A Difference) Monday.  Due to the fact that public education is having a more and more difficult time implementing courses like “home economics” or “trade skills” into a K-8 education, I am bringing a class called “Life Skills” to Stamford School!  Each Friday, I will facilitate Life Skills between 10am-2:30pm.  I will be bringing in guests that have a skill, hobby, talent, or collection that they believe that every child should be introduced to such as sewing, tying a knot, fishing, cooking, gardening, carpentry, and the list goes on!  You could bring one day of learning or a session of learning (multiple Fridays).  It could be four Fridays in a row or it could be one Friday.

Are you the expert in something and would you be interested in making a difference in the lives of our K-8 students in Stamford, VT?  OR do you know someone is the expert- please forward this on.

Life Skills    FRI
10:05-10:45    Grade 8
10:45-10:50    5 min transition
12:25-1:05    Grades 4-5
1:05-1:40    Grades 2-3
1:40-1:45    5 min transition
1:45-2:25    Grades 6-7

Please note that all guest teachers may be subject to a background check.

The Fridays that are available can be found at this link.

Thank you so much for the possibility of investing in Stamford and our future! Please email if interested or have questions!

County Road and The Dump Trucks

Many complaints coming in about the dump trucks that have taken over County Road – of speeding and taking over the whole road. Probably not something that anyone can do anything about unless we wanted to pay the sheriff to monitor the road during work hours.

I think it would be a bit more palatable if the residents were getting something out of it, like a usable road to Pownal/Bennignton. I hear the work they have done is fantastic but that it won’t lead to a viable route over the mountain.

So – be careful out there if you travel County/Mill Road defensive driving is the order of the day.