Reminder and Selectboard Meeting Minutes

Reminder: Saturday May 12th from 8:00am to 12:00pm Stamford Volunteer Fire Dept will hold it’s annual E-Waste Day. For a pre-determined tax deductible donation to the Fire Dept, you can drop off just about any type of electrical device in the parking lot of the North Adams bottle recycling center located at 1000 Massachusetts Ave . The Fire Dept will use the funds to help defer yearly operating costs and ensure that this electronic waste will be recycled and not end up in our landfills.

Town Minutes Selections

Pat Sullivan said their next meeting is Tuesday, May 8, 2018 at 6 p.m. at the school. The group is doing their best to communicate information and wants everyone to feel welcome to come, participate, and express their concerns and ideas. Victoria Jefferies has been working hard on the building design options and will have posters available during Green Up Day for people to see.

1. Luke McKay picked up a stray dog last Friday. The dog was covered with candle wax. He has reported the abuse but doesn’t think anything will be done. He has an idea who the pet owner is but cannot locate them. Laura Lee Smith has expressed an interest in taking the dog but the town has a ten day waiting period before rehoming an abandoned dog.

MOTION by Carol Fachini to allow LauraLee Smith to care for the dog for the remaining three days of the ten day waiting period. Mrs. Smith will become the permanent owner if the dog is not claimed at the end of the three days. Luke McKay will receive $3.00/day impound fee for the seven days he cared for the dog and Laura Lee Smith will receive $3.00/day for the three days she cares for the dog.
SECONDED by Chris Warren. All in favor.

2. Luke McKay asked about the status of the kennel. $2,500.00 was budgeted for 2018. The Selectboard will bid out the job to build a dog kennel. Luke McKay will provide the specifications required by the state.

Chris Warren provided a written draft of what to expect when creating a new website. The Selectboard will look it over for discussion at the next meeting. There will be a yearly website fee of approximately $50.00 and the initial set up will take about 6 – 12 hours. Chris Warren volunteered his time and expertise. The board will consider what information they would like to see on the website. Nancy Bushika asked the town clerk to see if and what other towns have for website policies.

The town is able to accept credit card payments with no problem now. The company is still working out the credits but they are staying on top of it.


My Response

Initially I had written up a very long response to the Selectboard discussing this website without providing an opportunity for myself to be present. I’ve slept on it and decided this is not the place for a public feud with the Selectboard, the following will be the last of matter as far as I’m concerned.

Two items bothered me – 1) The statement that my pulling sections of the minutes for the website is “stirring the pot” and 2) the statement that the town should create it’s own website to  have “. . . an official place where the people can read the facts.”

I’ll address both by saying I pull out sections that I think would be of interest to the casual reader in an effort to get more people to read the entire minutes. I post only what is the minutes as they are presented to me and contain the FACTS as stated in the minutes. I do not edit anything that I copy from the minutes. Those who read the minutes from any other location will get no less or more information than appears on this site.

If I’m “stirring the pot” by bringing forth items that are in the board’s meeting minutes – so be it. I was asked to create this site by many residents who were frustrated with the lack of an online presence by the town and offer what is on this site as a free service to residents of Stamford. I initially asked for, but never received, many of the documents the selectboard has suggested should be on a town website.

That’s it – end of rant. If this site offends you, please unsubscribe and/or do not visit it. If you enjoy it, please pass the URL on to others whom you think might enjoy it as well.

Thanks for all the emails in support of this site,


Voting Results And More

Thank you for your support of my candidacy for School Director at Stamford Elementary School. The election resulted in a tie 77 to 77 between myself and Kelly Holland. I have formally conceded this position to Kelly, and so a runoff election is not going to be necessary.

Kelly will be an excellent Director. She is an active member of the school merger committee, and has been attending School Board meetings consistently. She has children in our school, and has a strong sense of dedication to excellence in education. Kelly is also a strong voice of reason, and I have confidence that she will collaborate well and she will listen well.
I hope those that voted for me will also give her your full support as our School Board moves forward in this very exciting time.
Sincerely, Helen Fields


The town clerk provided samples and thought sending a postcard reminder in March stating all dogs need to be licensed with the town by April 1st, with the rabies clinic info could reduce some of the delinquent dog problem. Nancy Bushika did not feel it was necessary and feels dog owners should be responsible. The deadline and rabies clinic information will be announced at town meeting. The rabies clinic will be held on Sunday, March 11, 2018 from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. at the firehouse.

There has been more dumping but it occurred on the Clarksburg side. Residents expressed frustration that nothing seems to get done to stop the dumping. Mike Denault stated that several people were caught dumping last year and had to pay fines. If you see something, say something. The more problems are reported, the more will get done.

All Selectboard Meeting Minutes


Selectboard Minutes Without All That Reading Stuff

1. The auditors are not done with the audit and do not yet have final fund balance figures.
2. Bill Levine will allow candidates running for office to introduce themselves at town meeting but no speech will be allowed on the floor. It was noted that there is a contest for the 3 year Selectboard term (now held by Dave Tatro) between Chris Warren and Jim Stimpson and a contest for the 3 year School Director term (now held by Jessica Bugbee) between Helen Fields and Kelly Holland.
3. Dave Tatro asked about the Finance Committee report. Bill Levine stated that the Finance Committee supported the town budget. Bill Levine advised that they did have a concern with Article VI of the school warrant to raise $60,000 for a public preschool and they felt the change from the current private preschool to a public preschool was not transparent. As Moderator he feels the concern can be resolved by splitting the article in half to vote whether to change to a public preschool and if so, whether to raise the $60,000.00.

The Selectboard reviewed a quote received from Trinity Engineering for the design of a replacement septic system and well at the garage. Copies were made for the board and the matter will be discussed at the next meeting.

Last year the town was contacted by the state concerning their program to create tax maps for towns. The Selectboard and Listers talked at length and decided not to participate in the program. The maps are not surveys and cannot be relied on as such. The state has advised that they will not stand behind their maps and they will not hold up in court. The Selectboard and Listers had much concern that our residents would either gain or lose acreage and it would place an undue burden on our residents to prove their assessed acreage against the state’s tax map. The state only provides digital maps and paper copies would be an additional cost to the town along with the yearly updates.
The town clerk was contacted by the state advising that it is not optional as they original purported and that the state intends to map every municipality in Vermont, if not in Phase II then in Phase III. The Selectboard complained about the state control and chose to defer at this time. Helen Fields did not like the thought of all of our information being out there on the internet.

The rest of the stuff can be found here



In a previous post I stated the special town meeting for comments on the proposed town plan was scheduled for Thursday November 15th – right day, wrong date.

This meeting is scheduled for Thursday November 16th at 5:30pm.

Thank you to a sharp eyed reader!!