My Thoughts – April 2018

I was looking online for some Stamford history and one of the pages I came across was a generic type info page where each page contains the same categories regardless of the town entered. On this particular site, one such category was Town Motto – and it was blank for Stamford. I don’t know if we have a town motto, or even want a town motto but . . .

I did a couple quick searches regarding town mottoes; sites like this, or this, Wikipedia, and even Bob Vila had some advice. I also found a saying a couple weeks ago coined by some unknown motto-maker:

“Vermont: A mountainous region of small villages where hippies and rednecks co-exist more or less peacefully”

True, and funny, but not quite what I was looking for. As I continued my search I came across this amazing site  Рwhich can be found here.

With an awesome statement at the end of the section on Stamford:
“The inhabitants, like most Vermonters, are
a plain, hospitable and quiet people, with no
great ambition for reforms ; kind to friends,
with some obstinacy in controversy; exhibiting
the stern, rather than the Esthetic qualities of
character; are generally farmers, and the village is small.”

In light of the above and my feeling that Stamford is starting to build a feeling of community not seen for some 30 years, I would like to propose that we hold a motto contest. I have created a simple form to enter – your name (in case your motto is chosen) and a short simple statement that says who we are to the many who pass through our town, do a web search, or see a social media post about our town.

Please click here if you would like to give it a shot.