Out of This Weeks Selectboard Minutes

The town office was contacted by the National Forest who wants to hire a contractor to work in the town’s right-of-way along parts of County Road, Maltese Road and Risky Ranch Road to use herbicides to treat several invasive species of plants. Concerns were raised as to what type of herbicides would be used and the effects it would have on beekeepers and residents with allergies. The Selectboard agreed that the National Forest should come to the town office to research the names of the property owners affected. Kurt Gamari, the town’s Health Officer, felt sometimes non-treatment can be worse if the invasive species is allowed to spread. The Selectboard thought it would be best if the National Forest scheduled a Public Meeting, invited all affected landowners and provided a list of exactly what chemicals they would be using in what manner.

Going Zero Waste with Amy Johns

Please join us May 11 at 6:30 p.m. for a library program and a community event that could have positive impacts on all of us and our town.

Amy Johns, Stamford resident and Director of the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives at Williams College, will talk about ways to achieve a waste-free lifestyle.

Amy, who teaches courses on renewable energy and sustainability at Williams, will discuss the concept of Zero Waste living and outline strategies aimed at reducing waste and pollution in our lives and becoming better stewards of our environment.

The hour-long program will include time for discussion and light refreshments.